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About Us: Re-writing the Zen of Smooth Jazz for fans in South Jersey,  Philly & the Delaware Valley...since 2009!

GROOVE-TIME SMOOTH JAZZ & SMOOTH JAZZ 4 SOUTH JERSEY look forward to Welcome You To EAT, DRINK, RELAX, UNWIND, GROOVE & REPEAT With Your "One-Stop" platform for the Smooth & Jazzy lifestyle in South Jersey, Philadelphia and New York City...!

Produced, curated and hosted by Dorian Gilmer (aka Dorian G), Groove-Time Smooth Jazz along with Jams In The City Entertainment and in partnership with SoundFools Inc. and several welcoming visionary venues are gearing up to bring you THE SMOOTHEST PLACE IN SOUTH JERSEY---with the best on-line playlists and the area's premier circuit of live-&-local special eventsas well as the most comprehensive listing of the region's Smooth concerts and events!

(( Be on the lookout to meet and greet and connect with Dorian-G at an upcoming concert event somewhere around the Tri-state. ))


Hello Friends & Followers:

The Support and Participation of YOU, the
Smooth Jazz and Smooth R&B fans in and around the Southern New Jersey region is required if we are to establish year-round enjoyment of Smooth and Jazzy supper clubs, concerts and festivals on the Jersey side of the Delaware River.

If you want to have an unforgettable good time with old and new friends, if you are looking to celebrate a birthday, anniversary or other special occasion with your friends or family, why take on the stress of organizing a party or reception, when you can simply "bring your celebration to our celebration" and join with hundreds of other live music, food and wine lovers at one of the events being planned for 2018 and beyond.

~~Grooves & Grapes At Balic Winery (Summer 2018)

~~ Club Jazz supper club concerts

~~ Smooth Summer Grooves

~~ Smooth Jazz Under The Stars

~~ Grooves In The Garden

~~ Groove-Time Smooth Jazz Fest

Please check back often, follow us on Facebook, or join our insider mailing list to receive advance invitations and Early-Bird discounts.

 Groove-Time Smooth Jazz's Objectives are:

*Present several-times-monthly internet playlists.

*Present monthly nightclub events, concerts or festivals to excite & engage the fan base, musicians & media.

*Present music workshops for hundreds of youth in various communities.

*Stimulate a regional Smooth Jazz fan influx, interaction and membership.

*Stimulate hundreds of thousands of dollars in shared economic benefits.

THE 5-YEAR GOAL (2018-2023) of GROOVE-TIME SMOOTH JAZZ includes establishment of a recognizable "circuit" of intimate Smooth Jazz supper club, concert and festival happenings; which will serve the interests of the tens of thousands of South Jersey & Philadelphia area Smooth Jazz aficionados as well as attracting an influx of thousands more visitors from the surrounding Mid-Atlantic area.

Tens of thousands of Smooth Jazz lovers and a social and cultural will benefit from the increase in concerts and festivals, while numerous emerging regional performers will receive added exposure in both on-air and in- concert opportunities. In addition, local businesses and economy will benefit from the influx of a broad demographic of socially-active consumers and the commerce that is generated. Annually, thousands of local youth will receive educational, social and cultural benefits from free music workshops.

Deliverables include:

*Twice-monthly Smooth Jazz playlist.

*Monthly Smooth Jazz, Smooth R&B or Classic Soul concert or supper club.

*Monthly free youth music workshop.

*Twice-yearly Smooth Jazz music festival/gathering. 

*Smooth Jazz VIP fan experience.

*Dozens of regional & national media mentions.

*Hundreds of thousands of dollars in shared regional revenues.

Contact Info:

Dorian L. Gilmer

Groove Time Smooth Jazz

P.O. Box 552

Atlantic City, NJ 08404-0552


Cell: 609-813-1250